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still here, still crazy!!!

:) i need to update this soon.
The Big Bang Theory season premiere tonight! Can't frakkin' wait!! :)


Time to celebrate the most coolest country in the world!!! :)
I'm doing free face painting (canada flags and other fun maple leaf related stuff) ;) outside the store today.. it will be fun!!! I have been so busy lately.. but its a good busy cause its keepin me out of trouble.

New Foo Fighters!!!!

New Foo Fighters!! OMFG!!! Listening to it right now!!! Fuckin Fuckin fuckin fuckin amazing!! Dear Rosemary, Rope, White Limo, Walk... this CD is sooooo fuckin good. i dont even have any words to describe it!! this shit is so fuckin good!!

The Good Guys cancelled??

according to a few websites they cancelled my new fave show. :( I don't watch much tv but when I do it is CSI, CSI:NY, Bones and Criminal Minds. SUCKS!!! :(
PLease PLEase Watch THE GOOD GUYS ON FOX!!! 9 PM!!
It has Bradley Whitford, Colin Hanks, a mustache!! Crime fighting, busting punks, car chases, love scenes!!
We have to make sure that this show comes back for Season 2!! They need more ratings!!!!

*I am not affliated with THE GOOD GUYS, FOX NETWORK, the characters on the show or the actors involved* ;)
I am so f*#kin' happy right now.. I finally got my dream job. I am working at my dad's friend's tattoo shop!!! The best day ever!!! :) I will still be taking care of the little dude that I take care of but on my off days, I will be handling desk duties at the shop!!!! Im gonna be a shop Bitch!! I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED!! My dad and I I hang around there all the time so he figured I might as well have a job and he took my dad on as an inkslinger 3 months ago and he has been getting tons of work!!! :) tomorrow cant come fast enough!!

street artist/fear of the dark

i was looking at street art on flickr and came across this person named Swampy. His/Hers photos are surreal. It's like he stepped into some of my nightmares and pulled those horned creatures out of them.. since i was little i've had very graphic nightmares involving horned people, animals and devils. I've tried to draw them but i'm not much of an artist. This is what they look like... When i was having a really hard time coping with my drug issues i had even more lucid nightmares when i actually did sleep and invoked all messed up things... i wish that i had the skills to draw them cause i need these images in my life.
something makes me run from the horror that they create in my mind, but another part of me clings to it.. theres lots of the images shown on s*t*nic pages and my hand shakes when I view them. It reminds me of a quote that I read somewhere before "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know"
Quit fucking with me. I'm trying to stay in a safe place away from all of the evils.
my hair colour at the moment: Manic Panic Red Passion

a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/47856537@N02/4526997770/" title="100_0608 by pinkdaisy2010, on Flickr">100_0608</a>

nailpolish photo i think is cool... black nailpolish and some glittery stuff! :) (and my very dusty keyboard) :P


someone needs to take my digital camera away from me... i'm taking photos of the most stupidest subjects ;)